Roller skates

That's what I feel like I have on my feet. If I remember what May was like when our kids were at home, that's likely what everyone is feeling like!

So we went to the Caribbean (photos to follow), after we went to San Antonio (again) (photos to follow), have been home a week, and I'm off to Colorado to spend Mother's Day with my mom.

In the meantime I got a new camera and am currently learning to use it.

Saw my little friends buzzing around, and hurried with making nectar for them. 

My 'back yard' - never gets old. 

Are these irises or gladiolas? I can never remember!

Pretty pink. 

Knock out roses - they do fabulously in this part of Texas. Bloom almost year round!

Fake bird nest on the wreath on our front door. The real nest happens to be right above the same door, with a barn swallow sitting on eggs. Very pretty if you look up, not so much if you look directly below her...

It is virtually impossible to kill a crape myrtle. We wacked the daylights out of ours and they all came back. Whether we wanted them to or not. 

Mr. Lizard is on our sun porch every single wine-thirty. He knows all our secrets, and I'm trusting him to be tight-lipped. 

Sweet blue birds living in here. Did I mention I LOVE bluebirds. Especially since they don't build nests right over our front door, when our house is on the market. White globs on the front mat are not the best welcome...

Everyone should own a kayak. Especially if you live on the water. 

Wine-thirty, almost every single night. Love that the sunporch faces the west. 


Fishing for breakfast.

Little customers.

So I'll be back soon with stories and photos of our travels to San Antonio and the Caribbean. Right now I've got to pay some utility bills to keep the lights on, and throw stuff in a suitcase, again.

Did I mention I'm meeting high school girlfriends for margaritas and mexican food at our favorite restaurant Friday night? Girls I haven't seen for either 20 or 40 years. I'm confident we'll all look exactly the same, so there should be no problem recognizing each other. We'll all still have 24" waists and wear size 6 jeans too. Sure we will.

Okay, skates strapped on. Here I go!

P.S. Signing up for some college classes, which means I have to do math testing - yikes! I'll tell you all about that later too. 


toni said…
Good for you on the college classes. I could seriously be a perpetual student. Always great to learn something new.

Glad you made it back safely, and enjoy your upcoming plans as well.

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