San Antonio

Have you ever been there? We've been a crazy number of times in the past three years - something like 6 or 7 at least! Consequently, I never seem to get around to doing anything with the photos. San Antonio was the first stop on a trip we took about a month ago. We eventually ended up on a cruise ship headed to Jamaica, Grand Cayman and Cozumel, but San Antonio is such a beautiful city I thought there might be some out there who will never get to see it up close and personal.

Here's a smattering of photos we shot over a couple of days:

Beautiful cactus as tall as  me, in the courtyard behind the Alamo.

This live oak was a gift from another country, is crazy old and amazing. It's grown back into the ground and is supported by all sorts of wires to keep it together. 

No idea what flower this is, just thought it was beautiful. 

Snapdragons? Look at the amazing color!

Yellow rose of Texas!

Don's brother, Tim and his wife, Nola. They loved, loved San Antonio. 


cactus, cacti? 

State bird - Mockingbird. We have a gazillion. 

Loved the patterns the shadows made on the ground

Calm on the surface, paddling like crazy below!

My favorite of the bunch. Lovebirds up, diners below. Shot from the river boat as we floated by.

Most of the riverwalk is only 2 - 4 feet deep. Winding and beautiful. 

A riverboat ahead of us. Each narrator has a slightly different story to tell.  We've been on six of them, and learn something new every time. 


Patio plants above the riverwalk. 

I believe he's the guy San Antonio was named after. 

The Alamo. It's hard to ever get a shot with noone in front of it, no matter the time of day or night. If you've never been, and are able to visit, go. It's a beautiful, safe city and you could easily fill three days there.

So I'm still playing with my camera - I'd only had it about a week when I shot these. Back with our cruise photos soon. 


Linda said…
We live just north of San Antonio Bev, and these are our "stomping grounds." Of course we don't get to the Riverwalk or Alamo often enough - so the other day we decided to explore the new part of the Riverwalk. It is beautiful!
Toni said…
There are two really neat (and free to visit) places within minutes of the Alamo; Fort Sam Houston and The Japanese Tea Garden. Did you get to visit either place? Wild deer, peacocks, and other animals roam freely on the grounds of Ft. Sam Houston (where Geronimo was held). And the Japanese Tea Garden (whose sign reads "Chinese Tea Garden" and there's a story there r/t WWII) is sooo beautiful.

You are so right about it being difficult to photograph the Alamo without people in the shot. We were there last spring and I was frustrated that I couldn't get the "perfect" shot (until I realized that it was just a blessing to be there, period.)

The cruise pics look wonderful. You got me excited for ours, which doesn't leave until Dec. 8th. Hope home feels restful after all that travel. I thought of you when all that bad weather passed through the Dallas area last week or so. Hope you weren't in harm's way. :(

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