Women, Living Well......

Anyone who visits here knows my nose is always in at least one book. Right now, in the middle of moving, it's Women Living Well by Courtney Joseph. I found her on Sally Clarkson's blog,  and that's all the recommendation I ever need. If Sally says I / you should read it, do it. The cover of Courtney's book tells us she is all about 'finding your joy in God, your man, your kids, and your home. My kind of girl!

I started reading more than halfway through, at Part 4, 'Your Homemaking', (and am now back at the beginning, reading the rest of it.) Courtney shared her schedule for cooking and cleaning; I'm right at the stage in life where I'm all about a new schedule (new house, new life, new everything!) and here's what I came up with, after I tweaked hers a bit:


Monday:  menus and market (shopping)
Tuesday: toilets, tubs, towels (bathrooms)
Wednesday: wash (laundry, iron, mend)
Thursday: dust, glass (no acronym that I could come up with!)
Friday: floors, finances (vacuum, mop, desk work)
Saturday: socialize (family & friends, over or out)
Sunday: sit a spell, (church, then R.E.L.A.X.!)

Meals: (I generally base meals on activity for the day)

Monday: Mexican
Tuesday: tomato-y (italian)
Wednesday: without meat (don't tell my husband)
Thursday: thru the archives (dig out an old recipe, or try a new one)
Friday: fishy
Saturday: someone else cooks! (he grills*, or go out with friends or family)
Sunday: soup and sandwich or super simple (includes pizza, which includes delivery pizza!)

*A note: I am a bit intimidated by lighting gas appliances, and have never, ever, ever lit our grill. Which means I've never grilled anything. He HATES to cook, so for 30+ years he's done all the grilling. It works well for us - once a week he does the cooking, but we call it grilling. He picked the grill, he bought the cool light that attaches, the kids bought him a cool gadget that talks to him by remote and tells him when the meat is done. I'm not even messing that up!

If you're like me, you don't mind cooking (I generally enjoy it). I just don't love the planning part. Just tell me what to make! Once in awhile I get wild and dig through recipes, cookbooks, but for the every-day-we-need-to-eat having a general plan helps. Hope it'll help you too.

and read Courtney's book - so far it's worth the read, even when you start at the  middle and work your way through from there.  Back soon-ish.


Leah in Iowa said…
I have not heard of that book, but I will definitely check into it. Thanks for the recommendation, and for sharing your weekly schedule. It helps to see what others do, as a means to motivate myself. Hope you're well on your way to making that new house a home! Hugs to you!

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