After two months - bean soup

Bean soup - a body has to start somewhere. It's a bit like trying to catch up 38 years of scrapbooking gone bad - they always tell you to start where you are. It's been two months since I've been here, and pretty sketchy for months before that...

Today I'm making the 'once a year' bean soup. From the Christmas ham bone. Best soup of the year.

We hit our high temperature of 50-something this morning, and it went straight downhill from there. Right now it's in the nippy 30's, and I realize if you live 500 miles north of me, or 2100 miles north of me, 30's sounds balmy. But we retired to Texas for a reason.

We are D.O.N.E. with the cold. (For pete's sake, we bought a house with a swimming pool, and the water temperature, a chilly 76 when we moved in, is currently 46. Anyone need a place to do your Polar Bear Club jump?)

So I came home from church-visiting, put on my favorite grey fuzzy yoga pants and slippers, and pulled out my large crockpot.

Don't tell my Cub Sweetheart - that green stuff floating around on the top is kale. By the time supper rolls around it will have slunked to the bottom of the pot; he'll never know what hit him, and I'm not telling.

Here's the recipe I used: The Best Bean and Ham Soup.  You can access Allrecipes from my sidebar, and it never fails me, but a new favorite is also there - Mel's Kitchen Cafe.  She's some kind of wonderful and after introducing me to her, my daughter, Sarah convinced me I could live without 45 of my 60+ cookbooks. She was right.

I've updated my template (please tell me you think it's fun and cheery and bright - I do!). I've updated my sidebar (some of the links aren't currently blogging but I hold out faith they'll eventually come back). I've unloaded my camera card to the computer, all 50 gazillion photos that cover from August through Christmas, and will post my favorites soon.

In the meantime, make some bean soup - it's the perfect thing for these end of December days. And check out what I'm reading (on my sidebar, also updated.) Perfect for curling up on the sofa, or soaking in a hot bubblebath.  Back soon.


Anonymous said…
Welcome back!
It is cold here in Western Pa today too.
I have enjoyed reading your blog for a few years now.
I am so ready to move to a warmer place too.
Have a wonderful blessed New year!
Anonymous said…
Looks like you're feeling better, glad the head cold has subsided. Kale is my best new friend. I don't care for it raw, however, the inside, less mature leaves add a great zip to a salad!. Keep us posted on the church hunting! Hope you find one soon.
Mica said…
So glad to hear from you. I have missed your writing- reading about your family and retired life! I can't wait to see pictures of your new home. I knew you would be back :)
Leah in Iowa said…
It was -6° with wind gusts up to 40 mph when we left church yesterday, and I spent the rest of the day curled up in front of the fire. After the busy holiday, I needed a day like that! Your soup looks delicious - I'm sure it was! And your new blog template is super fun and cheery. Have a great week and stay warm!
Gretchen said…
Cheery over here, indeed! My grum always made bean soup and corn bread in the winter. Pretty sure she still does. I do hope you buttered your cornbread with a wee bit of bacon grease. ;)

Blessings on your 2014.
Bev said…
Gretchen, not bacon grease (although I do remember those metal containers that sat on the stove to collect it), but I slathered a ridiculous amount of butter all over several pieces. I could have just the cornbread and be quite content; maybe being a native Texan explains my love for it?
Lori said…
Bev, I love your new template and I'm so glad you're back! Tell Sarah that she's missed as well.
Hugs from Phoenix,
Bev said…
Lori, I'll pass your sentiments on to Sarah. Her grandmother, mother, father, our long-time family friends ALL would love to see her writing again! She has the most beautiful writing voice. Perhaps someday....
Amanda said…
Love the bright, cheery colors! As a Texan I agree that it has been too cold for too long.

Hope your 2014 is filled with blessings.
Kelly said…
Welcome back! I have missed "hearing" from you! Blessings on 2014 and life in your new home. And I do love the new template:-)

Kelly said…
Welcome back! I have missed "hearing" from you! Blessings on 2014 and life in your new home. And I do love the new template:-)


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