Three Months Behind, Oh Bother!

It's just about September and here I am with June photos. That's three months behind. That's 25% of the year. Which is about where I am in reading through the Bible in a year too, but we won't talk about that right now. 

When we headed to Idaho we packed our passports. (Actually I have to use mine all the time now, since I trimmed my driver's license to fit my wallet and was asked, going through airport security, that 'did you know you can go to jail for that?!' Uh, no, I didn't. They seriously considered not letting me go through security for trimming 1/8" off each side. I thought it a perfectly reasonable explanation that it didn't fit my wallet. So some good hair day in the future I'll go get another one.) 

Anyhow - one of our hopes this summer was to spend some time somewhere in Canada. We chose British Columbia this year, taking a drive called The Selkirk Loop, 300 miles of gorgeousness, and only about 100 miles north of Huckleberry Haven (our Idaho townhouse.)

Bigger than life views

If I'd had a chair and something cold to drink I could have stayed here all day long.

I've always loved wild roses more than those in gardens.

Made us smile.

Prayer bench at the cabin we stayed in.

I've always had a thing for bridges. Loved this orange one.

The funky little place we stayed. 

Don on the ferry to an island in B.C.

How fun is this?

The ferry we took back and forth and back and forth again.

View from our back deck

I've never met a poppy I didn't love.

On the ferry ride. 

Big stacks of wood tell me it gets cold in the winter!

Never figured out what this was, but it sure was pretty!

And my birthday present - a blue bike with a basket. Don got one too so he could join me on rides. 


Sam said…
I love that you cut your license to fit in your wallet! Never heard of someone doing that before! Hilarious! (But if you drive, I would prioritize getting a new one soon. You really can get in trouble for it. It's the same as driving without a license!) :-)

Nice to see a post!

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