A C- day at best

It's bedtime. Another day packed away. Assessing it, some parts got an A+. Some were a complete bomb. When you average out an A+ and an F you end up with a C-, or 2.0 or something like that.

Unfortunately this day ended up with a C- or so.

Thinking on what went right, what didn't, where I got it right and where I completely blew it, has me thinking long and hard tonight.

I'm giving myself a measure of grace for feeling a bit worn and raw, but then so are those around me who are catching some of my fallout, because no (wo)man is an island.

Actually, right about now I'd love to go to an island, for a day or a week or a month, but that's not happening.

And maybe that's exactly what God has in mind. Turn up the heat, fan the flames, and give me an opportunity to notice some things that need changed, or at least tweaked.

So for the rest of this month, and almost a week of it has already zoomed by, I'm going to read one particular book, and attempt to do one particular thing I've never done before.

I'm actually going to read several books for fun or interest, but I've got one in mind that has been sitting on my bookshelf for well over a year, untouched.

I'll be back on March 1 to tell you all about it and this experimental, out-of-character thing I'm taking on.

My thoughts to end the day: hug someone, say you're sorry, be kind, don't take life so seriously, and if you're blessed to still have your Mom and/or Dad, call them. 


Gretchen said…
As I've said to another friend, today, even burden carriers need their rest. Praying you rest well and thankful for His new mercies each morning. xxxooo

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