Little Cheesecakes

I've been following this blog for a year or so. Heather's life is radically different than mine, and maybe that's why it fascinates me? Or maybe she eats the way I wish I did? Or maybe it's that the title of her blog has 'Beauty' in it, and we can all use more of that in our lives, can't we? (You can find her in my sidebar, "Beauty that Moves'). It's worth a trip to her website to see her beautiful photographs.

I also follow her on Facebook and a few days ago she posted about mini cheesecakes. Hers were healthier and prettier than mine, but that's quite okay.

It was fun to pull out baking stuff, get the counter messy, and heat up the oven. BTW, does anyone else feel like our society is taking pictures like crazy, but only on our phones, and they never leave the phone? I'm guilty of that too, and decided to dust off my beautiful camera. Taking indoor photos of food is a talent I've yet to master.

 I've found this is is a great way to crush anything like graham crackers, vanilla wafers, etc. Also a great way to work out aggression - beat, crush those crumbs!

 These canisters were a shower gift to my mother-in-law, back in the early 40's. I love that they ended up living in my kitchen, after she'd used them for 50 years, and I get to treasure them now. And yes, the canister is labeled "sugar". I love to label things.

As you can see, I'm not a neat cook. I'm actually not a neat anything. You should see the floor of my sewing room when I'm working in it - threads and scraps all over the place.

They won't make the pages of a food magazine, but they will make tummies happy. I've invited a neighbor over - we've never actually seen each other, but met on the neighborhood website. She's coming over today to be my first ever knitting student. I figure I am still only an advanced beginner at best, but I know more than she does, and she wants to learn, so we're grabbing yarn and needles and mini cheesecakes.

What do you know how to do, or want to learn? Who can you invite over? Ask to have you over and teach you something?

Making our neighborhood just a bit smaller today, and who knows who she'll eventually teach to knit? She has a 7 year old daughter, so I'm hoping she'll at least pass it on to her.

The recipe I used is found HERE on all recipes. Sweet little Easter dessert too I'm thinking, and small enough to snack on in the afternoon without being too guilt-inducing. Perhaps even Heather snacks on these?



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