Some things never change, others do

In a constantly changing world, I find comfort in the fact that some things never change. It doesn't matter if it was 100 years ago, or 50 or 20 or now, you can count on it that little boys don't like to have their hair cut. 

What has changed is that we appeal to their inner child more, and maybe that's good. 

My parents just told me to sit still and stop crying. 

We did tell him that. Be still, not stop crying. He didn't cry, although he may have considered it a couple of times. We told him if he moved too much he'd have a bald spot like his Grandpa Chester, which his mama would not love.

Little boys don't like their hair cut because the buzz of clippers and snippy noises of scissors scare them. 

Mothers, on the other hand, don't like their little boys'  hair cut because when the deed is done anyone can clearly see what they'll look like in the not too far off future.  



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