The land of littles

Sometimes a week or more goes by, and there's no blog post because we're way too busy living.

This past week we learned how to make wishes at water fountains, with pennies we found in Papa's coin jar.

it doesn't have to be a big fountain, any will do 

think hard, make a wish but don't say it out loud, or do

toss it in, and it's okay to wish to be a unicorn and Simba

let the water take it in and under

try not to fall in, wait and see what happens!

off to the park sandbox where Grammy's dog will play with any kid who chooses to do so

hotdogs grilled outdoors taste best with a little black on them and nothing else

who knew roasted / melted marshmallows were soooo sticky?! 
Days like these we all return home worn out, barely able to hold eyes open. We curl up with books and sleep wins the battle. Days like this are only made the better by an afternoon nap.



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