Dad's 90th birthday bash photos

We looked forward to it for so long, had a blast, then I didn't post a single photo.

Without further ado, here's a smattering of our fun three or so days in bustling Goodland, Kansas.

Family trickled in, and the ones who got there early were blessed with some one-on-one time with Grandpa Chester.

Our grown up son, with his son, and Grandpa. It'd been over 15 years since they'd seen each other.

D2 thought Grandpa Chester's golf cart was way cool. I think it's way cool that at 90 he plays golf 3-5 x a week.

It wouldn't be a trip to Goodland without checking out his garden. At 90 he hand hoes it, impressive!

these are the photos that are dear to my heart. 

Checking out Grandpa's tamed ducks, who live on hole 9. 

Birthday boy - he was a good sport to wear anything we gave him. 

My uncle, his twin brother separated by 15 years. I hadn't seen him in 50 years.

Mom was celebrating her 82nd birthday that day, so she got her own cake. 

Lots of family came in, enduring crazy heat, fussy babies, etc. to celebrate his big day.

Not great photos but all I got!
These two cousins are separated by 27 days, and their baby girls are pretty close in age too.

They've known each other for 69 years, it was sweet to see them together reminiscing. 
It was such a great time, having about 75 people there to let him know how loved he is. The day ended with a county fair, complete with rides, country singing and dancing, corn dogs, and great fireworks.

Worth every mile we all made to be there.


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