Books to Finish out 2015

books on nightstand

So I asked, a couple of weeks ago, what I should read to finish out 2015. Thanks to all of you who left me great suggestions. There were several authors I'd never heard of, and that's always like finding gold.

I looked up every single suggestion, then went to the library's website and started turning in requests. With six weeks of the year left, and needing 1,479 pages to meet my 15,000 page goal for 2015, here's what I chose:

Margin, by Swenson - nobody suggested it, but I've had it by my bathtub for a year. It's in keeping with my looking for 'some room to breath'.

Thin Places, by Mary E Demuth - a memoir you suggested. I love, love memoirs.

Coming Clean, by Kimberly Rae Miller, another memoir about her hoarder father - should be interesting

The Glass Castle, by Jeanette Walls, aha! another memoir about a family whose parents are homeless in New York.

The Italian Wife, by Ann Hood - NOT a memoir! sounded like a yummy novel.

Knitting Pearls, by Ann Hood - have to pick up at l library tomorrow. More Knitting essays - thanks for the suggestion.

They total 1,536 pages, which would put me over my goal by a whopping 57 pages.

I've also got And the Good News Is, by Dana somebody, on audio, at 256 pages.
And finally, the newest Kate Morton - Lake House. I've read everything she's written and generally when I get ahold of one of her books the laundry suffers, the bills go unpaid, we eat cereal for supper and I stay up too late for nights on end. I just can't help myself. However, since I didn't realize she'd written a new book I was late in the requesting and I'm number 53 at the library, so that's very possibly a 2016 read.

Sounds doable to me - six books in about six weeks, with an audio on the side that I can listen to while I take Miss Lily for her daily walkabout. In spite of the fact that Thanksgiving and Christmas happen to fall within the same next six weeks, I'm all about carving out time, not getting in a tizzy over anything. Burying my nose in a book for at least an hour a day sounds like the perfect way to keep this time of year in check. Maybe, just maybe, once in awhile I'll go incognito and curl up at the local coffee shop for an entire afternoon. Scandalous!

So thanks everyone for all the tips - I'll try to come back weekly and let you know what I thought about that week's read. Right now I'm halfway through Margin and because it belongs to me I'm marking it up like crazy. I'll share some of the best of it with you early next week.

Fall has finally, finally arrived in northern Texas, and man alive, but we're all thankful! Miss Lily and I are enjoying hearing the sound of leaves crunching under our feet (mine, not hers - hers are too teensy to crunch anything) and finally seeing some gold and reds against the skyline. 
This weekend for us: college and pro football (we're Bronco fans BTW) - hopefully some of our teams will win; I'm planning to cast on a new shawl for somebody I can't say, go to church, call my sweet Daddy for a catch-up chat, drink coffee with pumpkin creamer and bake something yummy still to be determined, for Sunday night. Hope you have a good one too, with some time for taking those long, deep breaths we all need, especially as we're all starting to enter that count-down mode.


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