God Doesn't Use Post-a-Notes

UnknownI was driving this morning, as items were popping into my pea-sized brain, and trying to remember them without being able to write them down. If I could see well enough, I could maybe grab my phone and push the right buttons and talk into it, but right now, with my vision issues, that's not happening. At home we keep post-a-notes in several rooms, so once a thought pops up we can jot it down, stick it to the computer monitor, or kitchen counter, or bathroom mirror, or steering wheel. We're big proponents of writing things down, and using post-a-notes to do so.

Because there's just too much to remember!

The post-a-notes currently abiding in our house are, in no particular order:
  • "Renew Good Wife on 1/6!" (computer monitor)
  • "Pool is on service mode" (on kitchen counter - CS's problem, not mine...)
  • "Lunch with Dan" (on outside of calendar)
  • a reminder to mail a birthday package
  • a reminder to message my sister in response to her message from two days ago
  • a reminder to pay the credit card bill, rather than just print it out, as paying it will be much more beneficial in protecting our credit score
  • a reminder to check and see if our new health insurance actually kicked in
There are also sort of permanent ones -
  • on the side of the kitchen cupboards, with the wifi password, which is way too complicated to remember, and would be even more complicated to switch to something memorable
  • my library card number and pin on the computer monitor
  • my extra email address I never check, so when I have to provide it to something I don't actually want email from, I can provide it - on my computer monitor
  • how to take a screenshot on the computer - on my computer monitor (are you getting a visual picture of what my computer monitor looks like?
  • two notes on the lid of the printer - one explaining how to send a fax, one explaining how to scan a document
We're just a mess of yellow sticky notes around here! We use them, a lot, and I'm thankful someone was clever enough to come up with such a slick idea.

So as I was driving this morning, with a brain full of things I'm supposed to remember, and knowing the chances were slim I would do so, it was such a comfort to remember, instead, that God doesn't use post-a-notes. He may think they are a good idea for all of us mere mortals, but He, every single day, remembers I need protection today, as does everyone I dearly love, we need food and shelter, comfort, courage, strength, challenges, opportunities to serve, stretching. The whole ball of wax.

He remembers everything except my sin. That he forgets. Day after day after day. I'm more thankful for that. A lot more thankful.


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