Carrying Albert Home


I'm not generally one to walk into the library, with no idea of what book I'm looking for. Rather, I have requested books online, and they're sitting waiting on the shelf, with my name on the binding. I at least have a little slip of paper, or ten, with the codes needed to locate them on the shelf myself.

For some reason, though, I did just that about a week ago, walked into the library, headed over to the 'new books' area spotted this gem of a book. The title intrigued me, and the picture on the front cover absolutely grabbed me immediately! Who wouldn't want to read a book about an alligator riding in the back seat of a car?

I love that the book is described as 'the somewhat true story'. Part fact, part fiction, part memoir, and all round delightful. It's by the author of Rocket Boy, which I've never read, or seen, but CS has and recommends. This is apparently the prequel to it.

It's a bit Fanny Flaggish, 99% clean, endearing and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I'll never read another story of alligators spotted at the golf courses and  neighborhoods of Florida without thinking of Albert, and Elsie, the woman who loved him so. It has enough substance to be read for a ladies' book club, with a lot of great discussion topics, but it would appeal to men and women, and all adult ages.  Perfectly fun read in my opinion.


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