Well, I had plans to post some lovely photos, after I returned from a recent trip to the Caribbean, with my two daughters, on Thursday. The day got away from me, and I had a little cornea check up on Friday to get past. Plans were to dump the sand out of my suitcase, upload the photos of beaches and drinks with umbrellas in them, and such.
Instead, my cornea doctor told me that five months post transplant, one area of my new cornea has lifted up and needs to be 'dehisced' as she put it. Stitches are popping out where they shouldn't be, and need to be replaced, so I'm back for a surgical repair on Tuesday morning.

We're not exactly starting over, but it's definitely a bump in the road. She'll put me under (thank you God, for whoever discovered anesthesia), undo some areas, redo them, and I'll wake up with a big shield on my eye and a newly awakened sensitivity to light and a regimen of all sorts of drops by the hour. No more stitches will be considered for removal for quite awhile I'd expect.

So I'll post the cruise photos as soon as I dig out a big more, and that's right after I get past this little surgery that came up unexpected. There's much to be frustrated about over the entire situation, but when I tend to start sliding that way, I remind myself it could be a lung or heart or liver or kidney transplant that was going awry. Remembering it's a cornea, and my other eye sees better than 20/20, keeps it in perspective. There are so many things that come in life that we have little control over, but we do get to choose our attitude. I'm choosing a positive one.

Still, I'll be appreciative for any of you who pray that my little cornea hugs in tight and decides to stay put this time!



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