Decorating Help Please

When we were in Idaho for the past six weeks, I spent some time working on decorating our bedroom. It was a bit of a jumble with red check pillows on the chair, a green dresser, no decorating pillows and a wild art print of a moose over the bed. We're in the process of working to split our time more evenly between the two places (northern Idaho and DFW area), and what the bedroom looked like became more important to the nester in me.
I found a board on Pinterest then sent it to a crafty friend and asked her if she could recreate it for me. In light of what's going on in the world, I felt like it was a perfect message to display. Our little home is often used by families visiting the area, and I wanted something cheery and encouraging and thought provoking. And I loved the idea of waking up - me or them - in a bedroom that had the color of sunshine splashed here and there.

This is what we ended up with, with help from Johnna who made the board, Leslie who painted the green dresser yellow (not shown in photo), and Joann Fabrics and my little sewing machine, and a quilt I'd bid on at a raffle several years ago.


All things beachy seems to be quite popular right now, and I found the cute bicycle/fence/sand/beach pillow on sale at Joann's. I sewed the shams and blue pillow, and am overall much happier with the arrangement.

CS does not love making this bed. I understand that. His theory is that nobody ever sees your bed, and he's got a point, but just knowing it looks this way, whether we're there or not, or if we don't step back in that room a single time during the day, it still makes me happy.
I had a bunch of missteps with this - staging and presentation is not a strong suit of mine. But it ended well I think.

So - now we're back in DFW and we're about to put this house on the market, and I need to do something with our bedroom.

Here's what I've got right now:
You can see I've posted it on Instagram, asking for help. The hard thing is that I want it to look good now, but am not sure what color scheme I'll go with in our new place. I do know a few things about our home we're having built:

the walls will be a warm grey

the carpet in the bedroom (I don't like to step on wood floors in bare feet) will be multicolor grey, charcoal, tan, and white

I love this chair and am planning to keep it in our room as a reading spot.

I've had the bedspread forever and it was free-thirty, so I can keep it or switch it, but I don't want to spend a lot of money to stage this room with stuff I won't use later.

The window treatments are staying with this house, and the decor needs to go with them now, but not later.

Much like pulling something from the closet and seeing yourself in it, and realizing it's less than flattering, or maybe better than you expected, photos are very revealing. What I can't see with just a look is more obvious in a photo. Looking at these photos I noticed:
I was right, the chair is great!

One problem with the pillows on the bed is that they're all too similar in shape, long and skinny, so perhaps euro pillows in front of the sleeping ones? In some print in some color to be determined?

I love toille and paisley and check, and wouldn't mind a pillow with wording on it. So - any suggestions? Thoughts? Ideas? I do realize this isn't of earth-shattering importance, but if anyone out there is better at this sort of thing than I am, any help would be greatly appreciated. Okay, back to catching up on desk-work, flower-planting, laundry, phone calls, etc.


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