Asking and Answering the Right Questions


“People often ask themselves the right questions. Where they fail is in answering the questions they ask themselves, and even there they do not fail by much…But it takes time, it takes humility and a serious reason for searching.”

William Maxwell

I'm asking myself, in keeping with my word of the year, DARE (Do/Don't; Achieve; Relationships; Explore/Educate):

What do I want to achieve this year?

What do I want / need to do?

What should I stop doing?

Which relationships need more of my time?

Which relationships need less of my time?

What should I study this year? I'm leaning toward the solar system, the process of electing a president, and how to use my camera better.

How about you? What questions are you asking, and are you answering them?

I use Sally Clarkson's method of an early morning quiet time - up by 7:30 am, light a candle, turn on some soft music, grab my devotional and Bible, then after that a bit of reading in a book - non-fiction, then my calendar to check that the items on my calendar will actually bring about the goals I'm working toward. Prayer at the end. Coffee throughout.


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