Moving Home

Not the house - actually my blog - back home. (I've noticed many of you were starting here and hopping over there, so no hops needed anymore.)

Almost a year ago, I took some bigger-than-my-britches blogging advice, and went with a new .com website and almost immediately regretted it. I realized I was in over  my head techy-speaking; not only did it cost me a good chunk of my allowance (so many books I could have bought), and would need renewing on a yearly basis, I also started getting spam like nobody's business. Spam comments that had to be cleared out because sometimes real people's comments got dumped in there too. Then there were the emails telling me there was some 'security threat' that had to be corrected in the next 72 hours. It seems to me if our nation had a real security threat we wouldn't be waiting 72 hours to deal with it, so how big of a deal could it be, but I'd have to make phone calls, talk to people who knew within approximately 30 seconds that I had no idea what I was talking about and it was their miserable job to deal with me, rather than hang up. I also had a hard time manipulating the blog itself, sidebars, photos, etc. etc. etc. Overall, just way too much work. And I'm not about adding to the workload - mine or anybody else's. (Does that have a possessive apostrophe? Think so. Not sure!)

So instead I decided to just be me. The simple girl I am. I've gone back and pasted every single one of those posts from the past year into this blog, (how do you eat an elephant?.....), so nothing was lost. It has given me the itch to maybe, maybe post the ones from my first blog into it too, but that's in the hundreds, so I'm not real sure when I'm going to be that bored have that much time. We'll see. It would be nice to have it all in one place. Bottom line, I'm not a .com girl. I don't sell anything. It's just not me.

What is me is writing. Sharing thoughts. About me, my life, Cub Sweetheart and our eight Littles, life in two places, my faith, my family, the books I'm reading (allowance being redirected here) and once in awhile the cra-cra that swirls all around us all, with a recipe or two thrown in for good measure - that's a much better fit I think. The older I get, the more I'm struck with how important it is to live intentionally, and how seldom we really do so. When I see the sidebar on Facebar, of what's 'trending', when I sit through getting a pedicure (necessity, not luxury BTW) and suffer through listening to a Kardashian talk with Ellen, and realize somebody out there obviously cares about this stuff, it makes me more determined to live a life with purpose and to make my days count for something bigger and better than little me, rather than just count them as they tick away.

As always, thanks for sticking with me, as I dance back and forth, finding my place. This little blog needs some cleanup, and I'll work on that. For today the realtor is coming and we're signing the contract, so cleaning the bathroom has to take precedence.



Gretchen said…
It's all good. :) I'll be a groupie wherever you land.❤️
Bev said…
Bless you Gretchen. BTW I've been wondering how your piano lessons are going?!

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