What We're Watching

I was thinking that my last post I told you what we're up to, except I didn't include what we're watching.



We just went and saw the new Alice in Wonderland. CS is always a good sport, and will go see just about anything I want to see. I didn't expect him to like this much, but he did! We both did! The creativity was absolutely amazing - costumes, effects, characters and it was squeaky clean. One of those rare movies that will entertain a 15 year old, and a 5 year old too, and parents can stand to sit through it. Very fun and I'll likely buy a used copy of the DVD to keep around for grandkids. The rating was PG.


My favorite characters were the Cheshire cat, Alice and if I was going to dress as one for Halloween it would be the Queen of Hearts. What a fun costume! Her high eyebrows, crazy wig, and those heart-shaped lips! If you went around kissing everybody you could leave hearts on their cheeks!

We also went and saw Me Before You for my birthday and I loved it too. It's based on the book by the same name, and the author wrote the screenplay so it stuck to the book very closely. Not sure of the rating, but it was relatively clean - not for teenagers, but adults. It's controversial as it deals with 'right-to-die' issues, but I found it lovely in many ways, very celebratory of life and thought provoking. Made me want to go out and live life more fully.
We're planning to take the  Texas Littles to see The Secret Life of Pets when it opens in a week or so, and I think the new Tarzan and BFG (Big Friendly Giant) look great too.


We just watched the newest Roots, with a different person playing Kunta Kinte. That was hard for me to get my head around, as I'd watched the original way back when, and Kunta Kinte is just supposed to be Levar Burton. Levar Burton was in fact one of the producers. It was very well done, and I can't say I enjoyed it - it was VERY hard to watch, all four nights of it, but one of those movies you need to sit through now and then so you remember what mankind is capable of. When it was over, I was glad I'd watched it, and glad it was done.


We discovered a new TV series that has actually be around since 2002, and stopped production in 2015. There are 9 seasons out there on Netflix to watch; a 'season' consists of somewhere between 3 and 7 episodes, running 90 minutes each. They are beyond wonderful, and being at season 7, we're already sad that we're almost done. I'm looking forward to watching them all again, start to finish, somewhere down the road, when I've had enough time to forget who did what.

We're also watching America's Got Talent, one once a week for two hours, and Simon Cowell is back as a judge. Surprisingly, he's being nice overall, and we're loving it. For the most part it's clean, but once in awhile they have an act that I can't stand to watch (sword-swallowing or pulling things out of one's nostril), or it too much and I take a break and do the dishes. Overall, it's good, clean fun with a lot of heart-warming stories.

When we're not at the movies or watching TV - both with AC cranked up, we're in the pool. It's summer in Texas - 98 today - mercy!


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