BFG - a truly beautiful movie

From when we first saw the previews, we'd planned to take our two Texas Littles to see this movie, but their parents got to it first.

Oh bother, that meant we'd have to walk in by ourselves, childless. Running late, we barely made it to our seats before the movie started, so the house lights were already down when we walked in. I'm not sure if there were any other senior discounters in there or not.

From the minute the movie started, I was completely transfixed. It was one of those movies that I held my breath the entire time, just for the beauty of the lines, the story, the filming - everything about it was sooooo wonderful. I tend to be sappy, but this movie brought tears to my eyes just because it was such a rarity in today's children's movies.

We took our Littles to see Secret Life of Pets last week, and we had a rollicking good time with them. Secret Life of Pets was cute, clever, funny but also had some stuff in it I wasn't crazy about. But it could not hold a candle to this beautiful movie. They are not even in the same league. One was a children's movie, typical of what is turned out, and hyped up for months ahead, on a regular basis. One was a treasure.

It was one of those rare movies that you could take someone from about 5 up to 99 to, and they'd have a wonderful time. Younger than 5, it might be too scary, and even at 5 they might want to snuggle in (the big giants are BIG!) It was entertaining, heart warming, funny, and made me want to run home and get a copy of the book.

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. I'll be asking Santa to bring me a copy of it, so I can watch it again. And again. And again. Go see it as fast as you can, whether you can find any little people to take with you or not.

This one didn't even need popcorn. That's saying something. 


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