My kitchen drop down cookbook holder

This is my kitchen, in the middle of making peach cobbler. And that is my drop down cookbook holder :-)
I did a little post on Instagram of my peach cobbler making, and managed to get a new recipe for peach / blueberry cobbler from Cooking Light (thanks, Deb!). What generated the most response was that several women were very interested in my drop down cookbook holder, so I thought I'd do some digging.

I'm pretty sure it can be purchased through Lowes or Home Depot, in their kitchen cabinet department, but it can also be bought at Amazon. Here are a couple of types:

It might help to call it what they do - an 'undercabinet mounted cookbook holder.

THIS ONE is similar to mine, although mine doesn't have the splatter guard. That would be nice. it runs $79.95.

THIS ONE is a bit more modern looking than mine - it's acrylic which might be just your thing - but very similar in function. It runs $90.94. Both are available with free shipping on Amazon Prime.

I am not a terribly detailed person, and often don't notice the obvious, even when it's in front of my nose. (literally.)  I didn't know my cookbook holder was there for a bit after we moved into this house. It's really nice, though, especially when you're whipping up something that's a bit messy or splattery. It raises the cookbook up above the level of stuff flying out of the mixer.

My brother, Derrell is really handy, and his wife, Stacey is thinking he can make something like this himself, and I'm betting he can. It's not much more than a nice board and some hingey things. It drops down to eye level, but folds up to almost completely out of sight when I'm not using it.

If you happen to be handy, or have a handy person living with you,  you might even go to Lowes or Home Depot and check theirs out, and see if you could replicate it. I'm convinced it would be very inexpensive to put together yourself (I use that term - yourself - lightly; I can't put together anything! But Cub Sweetheart is handy dandy and could. Perhaps you are so blessed too?)

And it looks darned pretty when it's displayed with my prettier cookbooks; right now I'm staging mine with Susan Branch's cookbook, Summer.

In our Texas home we have built in undercabinet lighting, which makes it much easier to see my cookbook here. In Idaho we didn't have that option built in, but CS went to Lowes, and for about $20 he added a strip under the cabinet where I usually cook. It's also a pretty look for evening entertaining - a nice spot to set out dessert and coffee or wine.



Karen said…
I think that is just so smart! My aunt has a lake house in Georgia, and she has two drop down items under her cabinets, too. One is for knives, and the other is for notes. I have old cabinets and they won't fit, but if they did, I would definitely have one. Don't you love Susan Branch books? My summer one is on display on my mantle. Have a blessed day, Bev!
Bev said…
Karen, it didn't even occur to me to store knives under the cabinet but that's brilliant! I'm going to check and see if we can add that at the home we're building. I hate having them out where littles can get ahold of them, but like them to be handy too. And Susan Branch? Love everything about her!

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