Only the lightbulbs.....

I've just started reading Falling Upward, by Franciscan priest Richard Rohr. Just pages in I want to drive to New Mexico and meet him, sit and listen to him, rub up against his robe to absorb some of his goodness by osmosis - SUCH wonderful words!

Within a chapter I'd already begun destroying our library's copy with my pencil underlinings, so I went to the desk and ordered a copy. This is one of those that needs to live on my bookshelves, and quite possibly my nightstand.

For today:
As Desmond Tutu told me on a recent trip to Cape Town, "We are only the light bulbs, Richard, and our job is just to remain screwed in!"

A little nugget but stuffed to the brim with enough wisdom and thought-provoking goodness to keep one busy for days.

Happy weekend, everyone.

P.S. I actually not only ordered me one, I sent one to a friend. This is that kind of book. 


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