Time to Play

Sometimes, no matter what else is going on, you just have to take time to play. 
I wish he could have this look on his face forever - adorable impness. 

Target had plastic 'mason jars' in their front promo area last week, so I grabbed a couple. Glad I did - these went flying within minutes of this picture, and nothing shattered. 

A year ago they were afraid to be in the spa (2 feet deep). Look at her now!
She's testing out a theory of how to make the biggest splash possible.

This little monkey is grabbing a mouth full of water, climbing out and spitting it on my feet. I love that he's still little enough to think it's perfectly acceptable to spray water all over his Grammy. Because it is. Proper is over-rated, and not much fun either.

When he got bored with spraying me, he decided to pester his sister. The more she protested, the more determined he was. With time she'll figure out to ignore him and he'll stop. Growing up sandwiched between four brothers, I could also suggest she punch him. That works too. 

Notice two of the subjects are constantly on the move. One of the subjects is firmly fastened to the chaise lounge, sipping ice tea and enjoying the view. I'll let you guess which one is me. 


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