Coming Up For Air

We've been here in northern Idaho for about a week and a half; long enough to spend a bit of time with all our PNW kids, stock the pantry and fridge, put some books on hold at the library and get settled in a bit.

Truth be told, the empty suitcases are still sitting out in the back bedroom, I haven't done a bit of housecleaning yet, and most of the counters are a bit of a mess, but we're getting there slowly. A bit of progress every day.

When we moved out of our house in Texas, I knew we were bound to pack some things into storage that we'd need for the next six to eight months.

Sure enough, the camera interface cable is safely tucked away in the upper right desk drawer, in a 10 x 30 storage unit, so it took me an extra day and $15 to get to Best Buy and replace it. Who knows what else we'll realize we need but can't get to before it's all said and done. Packing a house melts brain cells so that by the end of the whole thing, there's a lot that doesn't make sense.

I've gotten lazy over the past couple of years, rarely using our DSL camera. Iphones make it easy to snap a photo since they're with us most of the time, but the quality just isn't the same. That being said, most of the photos I'll post over the next week were shot through a less than clean car window at 60 - 75 mph, so they're not so great either. A few were nice surprises :-)

So leg one: we pulled out of DFW metroplex, and hit the road Saturday morning, August 28. Drove a day and a half through Texas, Oklahoma, into Kansas until we got to my 91 year old father's home.

Photos that follow are a smattering of that leg of the trip. Enjoy.

Not sure what this old farmhouse is made of.... something homegrown.

Milo - grown for cattle feed.

Pretty little yellow crop duster.

Old and new.

Daddy's black tomatoes - very strange looking and tasting.

A trip to Goodland is never complete without touring Daddy's garden. 

Canteloupe weren't quite ready to pick. 

Wide open country.

After a couple of days in Kansas, we picked Lily up from the kennel and headed out again. Next stop - leg 2 - was Colorado, to see my mother, and Don's family. Photos to follow. Not sure whether it'll be before or after a bit of bathroom cleaning and vacuuming. We'll see how the mood strikes me. 


Jana Beyer said…
Thank you for posting these pictures. I grew up in western Kansas and now live on the east coast. I miss the wide open spaces! Blessings on your time in the northeast.

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