Eagle watching

We've had a oozy kind of finish to the year; Christmas prep was pretty much done by mid-December, and it was beyond lovely to be able to take time to knit, watch movies, and have impromptu outings.

Do you see that elk? Something so beautiful about coming across wildlife unexpectedly. 

The eagles migrate through where we live in northern Idaho, on their way to warmer places. For almost the entire month of December they're here in droves, scooping up the salmon who are spawning (which sounds so much nicer than - 'laying their eggs and immediately dying'.)

A few days after Christmas Cub Sweetheart suggested that we jump into the Jeep and head out for the day. First stop was omelets at a little local place, then we were off to do some eagle watching.  Lake Coeur d'alene is beautiful year-round, and also pretty chilly most of the time. Right now the water is around 42 degrees.

The Bureau of Land Management had watching stations set up, with a grown eagle that had been stuffed (not sure what the proper taxidermy term is). They also had huge telescopes set up for us to look through. We were able to see several eagles they'd spotted.

The eagles fish twice a day at least, stuffing themselves with as much salmon as they can before they head out on the rest of their journey south.

There is something beyond majestic about seeing an eagle hunting above you. Their wing span is about six foot.

We watched until we couldn't feel our toes and fingers.

It was a great way to end the year. Thanks eagles and BLM for a great afternoon out in the wilderness. You'll be back and we will too. 


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