Exploring our new town's treasures

A year ago, when we were visiting the place our new home would be built, we happenstance drove by a local nature reserve. Minutes away from where our home would stand, I was soooo excited! It's already become a favorite place for Miss Lily and I to spend our morning meanderings. Creeks, birdsong, and the new rage, #mansfieldrocks* discoveries have all quickly won it a place in my heart.

Over coffee this morning I decided to do a google search of parks in our town, and see what else might be out there.

I found another park that had once been a pecan grove. It is now a place for families to play together, take walks, skip rocks on the pond, play volleyball or throw horseshoes, and get close to nature.

Here's what Miss Lily and I found this morning when we went there to explore:

My Little, Addie, calls these 'Walmart birds', and thinks them beautiful :-)

Perfect place to look for tadpoles and frogs
Papa can give rock skipping lessons here - every kid should know how to skip rocks!

Begs for walking or sitting awhile

This particular park feeds right into a trail system that goes much farther
I'm liking lichen :-)
Wade in me please...
Always amazing to see the undergirding of a huge tree
Whatever this tree is, the smell is fabulous!
Sit a spell

Texas' state flower - bluebonnets playing with buttercups

We'll be back for more exploring, rock skipping, hot dog cooking, etc. etc. etc. 

*Apparently this is all the rage, at least locally. I've heard it's spread to other towns - people paint rocks with messages, drawings, etc. and leave them in parks and places in their town, for other people to find, then keep or re-hide. Our Littles came across one this weekend, at the nature reserve, and from then on I could barely keep up with them as they ran ahead on the lookout for more. Brilliant/fun, free way to get kids outdoors exercising!


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