Flight Song

It's been almost two months since my mom died, and we've been in our new home less than two weeks. I'd been wondering if I would be able to find her old blog.

Sure enough, sorting through a pile of papers filed away in a folder, I came across what I needed.

Her blog was called Flight Song, but her web address was wonky. She was so right brained that almost anything techy eluded her, including coming up with a web address to match the name of her blog.

I have an entire box of her writing that spans most of her adult life. For anyone out there who would enjoy going back and rereading some of her writings, you can CLICK HERE. She posted on her blog from May of 2006 to October of 2009. I've linked to the home page of her blog, rather than a single post. The sidebar down to the left will give access to all of her writings. If you want to jot down her web address for future reference it's www.jboazphillippians4-judith.blogspot.com. Enjoy!  


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