Less is More, at Least for Right Now

When we sold our house in the Dallas metroplex last summer, we also sold most of our furnishings. The house was huge, with high ceilings, and could handle large furniture, wall art, etc. We'd decorated the house in cowhides, saddles and such. High visibility stuff with nothing subtle about it.

If we tried to decorate our new living room with a cowhide it would spill onto the floor and also serve as a rug.

So this time we did it completely different than anything we've ever done. We didn't go with a full size sofa; instead we bought two old people recliners that our 34 year old son sat in and sighed as he sunk down into it. Our littles thought the fact that the chairs had motors and moved was the coolest thing ever. (Sidenote - it's so fun to do things that are definitely on the 60+ side of things and have Littles who don't realize how uncool we actually are.)

We went to Pier One and I immediately fell in love with a small settee and chair that was upholstered in a sort of pillow ticking. It's light and fresh and looking at it makes me feel like I can breathe.

So this is what the living room looks like right now:

We gave away our coffee table and one of the end tables; instead we bought a set of nesting ones from Pier One that can be pulled out when people are over for coffee and pie or margaritas with chips and guacamole. Not that we're inviting anyone over anytime in the near future. I haven't washed my hair in days, and can't remember when I last put on makeup. We also don't have any groceries to offer up to anyone.

That Texas star above the fireplace is the only remnant of our previous decor, and it'll also be the only piece of art in our living room, since I went with the option of windows on each side of the fireplace rather than wall space. To me light is so much more important. Everything in me is made happy by having light stream across the living room floor every morning.

We've chosen rugs for the living room and dining area - a pseudo oriental rug look that has reds, greens, golds, turquoise blue, charcoal and off white. I looked at every single rug at several stores and the minute I saw this one I may have exclaimed audibly. Sort of like when you're shopping for a daughter's wedding gown - when you see it, you know it.

I've been told there's a Kirkland's and a Home Goods within miles of us, and happy, happy, happy - Hobby Lobby is set to open any day. I'm sure I'll eventually venture in, and something will catch my eye. But for right now, when life is a bit overwhelming on most fronts, it's feeling really good to soak in the simplicity of this room - no decor to speak of, no bright colors, no fussing, and very little to dust. Right now less is more.

I'll be back with updates, after I summon up the energy to venture out to more than Rosa's for Taco Tuesday. 


kelrydel said…
I love it! So light and fresh looking!
Bev said…
Thank you Kelrydel - after a lot of cowhides, saddles and such I was ready for something with a much lighter feel!

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