It was a sweet day

Me and my 'boy' (p.s. here's my new 'do)

We spent the day with my son and DIL, and our two Texas Littles, and my DIL's family. 

We started it off by continuing my DIL's fifteen years' standing tradition of going to Pappadeaux's for brunch, and Cub Sweetheart and I shared two appetizers, ate too much bread, and left stuffed. Those two appetizers very likely had my entire day's calorie needs, but man alive was it yummy. I love seafood, big family gatherings and traditions that have stood for years, so it was a win-win for me.

From there we went to our son's and DIL's home for the day. Within an hour of getting there one of the Littles started complaining of his tummy hurting; sure enough, after we all ignored him, and loaded him into a vehicle, he threw up everything he'd been talked into eating that morning, and was returned back home to spend the rest of the day on the sofa sucking on popsicles. 

I know I'm past raising kids because I was so glad he was in their vehicle and not ours. We've had our vehicle baptized by sick kids more than once and it's less than lovely. The last time was immediately after feeding one of the Littles ice cream that was blue and pink, and we ended up with purple horribleness oozing between the seats, and over $200 later our car no longer smelled like sour milk. That particular Little is now always placed in the middle seat, and not the far back. I also now take the plastic bag from the back of airplane seats, when I travel, and bring it home, where it is put in the back of our car seats, ready for purple ooze episodes.

We ate more than we should, of this cake:  

I shared the recipe on my last post, and have to say it was easy, easy to make. Fattening as all get out (three sticks of butter, six eggs, a block of cream cheese, three cups of sugar), but easy to make. And wonderful. We served it in slices smothered in sugary strawberries. CS sang its praises and I'll make it again, but not too soon, or we'd soon turn into people who could just roll out the door. At our ages, it is way too easy to put the weight on, and almost impossible to get it to leave. 

Throughout the day, I got to talk to both of my girls, who live 2000 miles northwest of Texas. Just talking to all three of my kids on Mother's Day makes me a pretty happy camper. 

The day was full of people and conversation and such, so that I only had a moment, here and there, of thinking about my Mom and missing her. Getting through the firsts of everything is tough, when you lose someone dear to you. 

I was gifted with a sweet bouquet of flowers, a card that made me cry, lots of hugs and kisses, so if I end up sick early in the week, we'll know why. 

And it will have been worth it. 


Karen said…
Well, first don't get sick! And second, it sounds like a wonderful Mother's Day. I can relate to the sick yuckies in the car. Our middlest was sitting in the backseat on a trip to the lake with our new puppy that had gotten hold of a hot dog. The puppy got sick all over her, and then she joined him. :/ That was fun. The cake looks so good, I may have to make it for Memorial Day weekend.

So glad you're family showered you with their love!

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