Tea Party, Boys Invited!

I've only been to a handful of tea parties myself, and Cub Sweetheart has NEVER.EVER.EVER been.

Nor has he ever complained about that fact.

However, this week we attended one together, for the Women's Auxiliary Board of our son and DIL's university.

Roses - the perfect flower for any occasion. 

Beautifully laid table 

Beautiful and yummy!

Makes you just want to try it yourself, doesn't it?

Yes, these were as wonderful as they look. Messy but worth it. 
When you get down to it, even at tea parties, people are just people, and we all need to laugh more any given day. 

Cub Sweetheart, our DIL, Janae and me, all dressed up.

So far I've learned that the Women's Auxiliary Board (WAB) has the primary function of raising scholarship money for incoming students. Pretty good function I think.

My take away - if you have good food, men will suffer through just about anything. CS told me he was relieved, when it was all over, that he hadn't spilled anything.

He's a good sport, that man of mine. 


Sarah said…
You looked lovely! And Dad shouldn't have worried--his manners could match the Queen's! :)
Bev said…
Sarah, true! He obviously got that from his very genteel mother. xoxoxo

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