Summer - month one

Exactly a month has gone by since I was here. I've written umpteen posts in my mind, but they all seemed to flit away. Which is maybe fitting for summer.

Instead of blogging I've:

traveled back to Coeur d'alene, Idaho - possibly the most perfect place on earth to spend summer

furnished our covered patio with chairs, a firepit, rug, and a funky little cart I found at a junk store

planted three lilac bushes next to the patio so that, in years to come, they will not only shade our patio, but bless us with beautiful flowers and lovely smells

planted a pot of herbs to snip at when I'm cooking supper

gained two pounds instead of losing five, but we won't dwell there

read several books, including Black Like Me and Rise - I recommend both. About to start another from the stack next to my bed - decisions, decisions

rejoined our rec center and used it once in two weeks

started to sew pillow shams for the bed three times, making pretty much no progress whatsoever

hosted my baby brother for a visit, which explains at least one of the two pounds put on

sluiced for star garnets with same brother, and found two. Teensy tiny but amazing to look at under a microthingamajig

had multiple popsicle dates with our grandkids on our newly furnished patio. Red is my favorite popsicle color. Little is my favorite kind of people to visit me.

hosted our daughter and son-in-love for a 'hear all about it' get together - which might have been the cause of another of those pounds put on

taken on mentoring a young couple with their finances, one of the most rewarding ways I ever get to serve

gone back to serving in children's ministry on Sunday mornings, a favorite for me.

went to see The Sandlot with our oldest grandchild, fun summer movie!

finished the second sock of the pair I started back in March. Moving on to dishcloth knitting because it doesn't take brain power, is great lap work for those road trips, and makes the perfect housewarming or hostess gift when you throw in a bottle of Mrs. Myers anything

Donated the purse I bought from Target because my purse is so heavy it busted the strap off, and I can't live without a single thing that's in there, and went back to a Vera Bradley bag. They're indestructible and washable - a combination hard to beat.

So - now an entire month of summer has slipped by, and we're loving being here, but perhaps a little less celebrating with food, a little more time at the rec center, but also lots of curling up with books, spending time with family and friends, and a few more days of routine tossed in to keep things balanced.

All things in moderation. Which means I'll be back in a month or less. 


Holly VanKeuren Moran said…
I wish I lived close enough to be mentored with our finances!
Bev said…
Holly, if you attend a church you might ask about the ministries they offer. Many offer either Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University, or even one on one mentoring with an older woman who might be strong in that area. I was matched specifically with two mothers who had listed they needed help in that area. If you want to do some reading on your own, anything by Dave Ramsey is great, I started with Larry Burkett's book on finances, and Mary Hunt is also very good.

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