Little House on a Hill

I posted a few weeks ago that we are moving. Again. When we had no plans whatsoever to move this summer/fall, but here we are.

Moving day is just about upon us. Our current home looks like a bomb went off, and we heard yesterday the buyers would like to do a walk through today. Oh my. Hope they either can remember what it looked like a month ago when they bought it, or that they have vision enough to imagine what it's going to look like when all our junk important stuff we can't live without is out of here.

So here's what happened: we were out for a drive after church, on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Not looking for a specific house but just looking at areas of our Idaho town we'd never seen before. We came upon a little house sitting down from the road, with a FSBO sign in front of it, so we walked down to check it out.

Looking through the front door, it was clear the house was vacant, and all we could see through was lots of old light oak trim that needed painting, and this view through the living room windows:

We walked around the house a bit and saw this:

and this:

Cub Sweetheart isn't a big fan of sitting in hot tubs, and even less of a fan of taking care of them, but I LOVE them! I tried to tell him I was sorry it was there, but just couldn't pull it off.

A few days later we got to go inside the house and saw this:

Living room looks out over a half acre of trees and woods, and has a beautiful view. 

Downstairs has a room that will be perfect for our Littles to play video games, ping pong, eat pizza, and generally make noise and mess. Perfect!

There's a little nook to the right of the stairs for a dollhouse and a table and chairs for our Little girls to play. 

Master bedroom has a beautiful view to wake up to

I love how the house is nestled down, off the main road, just tucked away. 

View from ground level of back yard

Sweet little kitchen, just waiting for me to cook and bake. 
So far we've had all the trim painted bright white, cleared out a gazillion shrubs so we can put in a fence for Miss Lily, and we've got people lined up to add a deck off the living room in about a month or so.

We also added just a few touches to brighten things up a bit:

A sweet little bench outside for seasonal decor, made by Tom the Bench Guy...

We've never gone so bold with a front door, but after a month of considering it, it still felt right. Huckleberry, our bear sentinel, told me he likes it a lot. 

I bought a new chair from T J Maax for our bedroom. She's waiting in our current garage for me. 

Lots of wildlife on a daily basis, herds of 7-10 deer, flocks of turkeys and quail. I'm okay if they all stay.

So that's what we're up to - moving, again. Even though we had no intention of doing so. A bit crazy around here right now, but I'm thinking in just a week or so it'll simmer down. I'll be back then with more photos. 


Sarah said…
I can't wait to see it with your furniture in it!! It's going to be so cozy!!! I'll bring my swimsuit, of course :)
Bev said…
Yes, please bring a swimsuit, we'll furnish the Costco margaritas! xoxo
Tami Green said…
Absolutely breathtaking!! Always love reading your blog...
Love to you~

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